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Created March 18, 1999
by David J Bischoff
Updated Dec 7, 1999

Illingen circa 1680

You have found a family history website dedicated to the exploration of the Bischoff family from Illingen, a town in Wurttemberg, Germany between the cities of Stuttgart and Pforzheim. Our Bischoff ancestors resided in this small town for centuries. They can in fact be traced back to the Thirty Year War which ended in 1648. The Bischoff line from which I am descended, came to America in the 1920's.

There are, however, many more Bischoff families descended from this town, most of whom are related to our line. It is thus one of my goals, in creating this site, to discover others with a common ancestry. With the overwhelming interest in genealogy today, I am very optimistic in seeing this come true.

To everyone who has emailed me, I thank you for your encouragement. A special thank you goes out to the Reiters for sending their photo. I will be displaying this one in a new collection of photos entitled "Coming to America" where I will be exploring the reasons for immigrating to the United States and the means by which they did so. I would also like to thank the Birkenstock/Faigle family. They have been very generous and have made all of my work worthwhile because of their contributions and their kindness to me. Some of their pictures can be seen on the new photo album which was updated on December 7.

Please check this site regularly as new material is constantly being added.


Click here to check out the Illingen website and learn more about the hometown of our Bischoff ancestors. The site is entirely in German but there are some pictures of the town and there are email addresses to contact people in Illingen with your questions. I have found them to be most helpful and very patient with my English enquiries.

Old Photos Wanted

I am currently looking for photos to add to this site. If you have an old family photo that you don't see here, I probably don't have it. I'll pay for any photo processing. Likewise, if there is a photo of mine that you want, just send me an email and I'll send you a copy.

Coming Soon...

Here is what you can expect to see in the following months:
  • Family Tree - NEW --- FAMILY TREE IS NOW ONLINE. Although still being constructed, you can see what I have so far by following the link at left
  • Biographies - This segment of the web site will feature short summaries on the lives of our German ancestors.
  • Documents - Passenger lists, church records, military records, civil records, maps, etc. will all be scanned into this site so that they can be printed out.
  • More Photos - I imagine this will be the area of most interest. Consequently, this is the area I am working on first.

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